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Rotatory Evaporator

Features of BC-R203 Type Rotary Evaporator
(Patent registered for the key structure)
Bottle Fastener
All seal parts are made of the advanced materials, which can resist the corrosion by almost all the chemicals. Dynamic seals are ultra-wearable.
Cooling tubes are enlarged and a variety of rotary bottles ranging from 0.25L to 5L can be employed with high cost effectiveness.
Combination with #24 standard mouth rotary bottle is available by means of a transition joint.
Quick fastening and removing are realized by means of a bottle fastener. Meanwhile the glass axis can be removed easily.
Simple imported temperature controller is used for temperature control.
Electronic stepless speed adjustment is applied and the alternating motor is employed with long service life and free from any sparkle.
Unique normal close manual controlled lock device is employed and the equipment can move up/down freely. The lock operation is easy and reliable.BC-R203 Type Rotary Evaporator
rotatory-evaporator 50L & 20L Rotary Evaporator
New Key Features:
1.All joints are connected with flanges and composite seal.The main seal material is anti-corrosive and reliable PTFE material.
2.The bottom outlet of the collecting bottle is equipped with PTFE lengthened screwed valve with multiple seals.
3.New enhanced vaulted diverter, safe and reliable,overcomes the disadvantage on the previous trifurcate structure.
4.The inlet of the collecting bottle is equipped with special composite valve that can freely control the gas and liquid flow with excellent circulating and sealing performance.
5.The standard seal pieces are the up-to-date composite seal ring.
6.The rotary sealing uses special ultra-wearable PTFE, corrosion resistant.

BC-R2001 20L Rotary Evaporator
(For test and production)

Automatic feeding.
Dash-proof gas-guide bottle.
Double collecting bottles,continuous feed and
discharge without stop.
The glass valve and PTFE valve are optional for
the shut off valve.
Advanced EL airproof system for keeping the
degree of vacuum.
Large moth rotary bottle connected with nuts.
10L and 5L rotary bottles are optional.
Φ75 mouth allows hand access for cleanup,and
Φ100 mouth is also available.
It speed is adjusted by the imported frequency
transducer with digital display.
Valves are equipped for water influx and efflux.
The water bath can be moved up/down
manually or electrically.

The digital control thermal water bath (optional
for oil bath) can set the heating temperature
;Full stainless steel,high corrosion resistance
rotatory-evaporator rotatory-evaporator
BC-R1001A Type 10L Rotary Evaporator BC-R1001 Type 10L Rotary Evaporator
* The speed is adjusted by the frequency transducer
* The volume of the rotary bottle volume is 10L.
* The special PTFE composite valve and bottom outlet
stop valve can realize the continuous running
of the single collecting bottle.
* The digital temperature controller can set, control
and display temperature precisely.
Single collecting bottle with easy bottle
The collecting bottle can be connected
for continuous running.
The digital temperature controller can
set,control and display temperature
rotatory-evaporator rotatory-evaporator-5
BC-R501C Type 5L Rotary Evaporator BC-R501 Type 5L Rotary Evaporator
In addition to all the features of the 5L general type, it also features:
* 5L rotary bottle, new 20L gear box,and all-
glass gas-guide bottle axis.
* Large moth allowing hand access for
* Up-to-date composite seal ring with PTFE
at its both ends that can resist various
* Increased motor power.
High efficient flux cooler
* 3L collecting bottle, #34 standard mouth with
bottle discharge valve.
* Digital display lifting thermal water bath (oil
bath optional, temperature: room temperature
* PTFE isolated double-surface sealing with
&# resistance against various solvents.
*Transition joints are optional for bottles ranging
from 0.25L to 2L.
* Digital display of rotating speed is optional.
* Mixed menstruum can be separated for reclaim.

BC-R205 Type Rotary Evaporator

High efficient double flux cooler.
3L collecting bottle, 34# standard mouth with bottle outlet valve.
Digital display lifting thermal water bath (oil bath optional,
temperature: room temperature~250℃).
PTFE isolated double-surface sealing with resistance against
various solvents.
Transition joints is optional for bottles ranging from 0.25L to 2L.
Digital display electronic speed adjuster.
Mixed menstruum can be separated for reclaim.
BC-R205 Type Rotary Evaporator

BC-R205C Type 2L Rotary Evaporator

Rotary bottles range from 0.25L-2L available
* Vertical condenser
* Bottle outlet with PTFE stop valve collecting bottle
* Manual lifting, 1.5KW constant temperature water bath
* #24 standard mouth rotary bottle
* Digital rotating speed display
* Vacuum gauge
BC-R205C Type 2L Rotary Evaporator
rotatory-evaporator rotatory-evaporator
BC-R201 Type 2L Rotary Evaporator BC-R201 Type 2L Rotary Evaporator
Use of Rotary Evaporator
The rotary evaporator can heat at a constant temperature in a minus pressure system. It forms a film through the rotation process and then the condenser reclaims the menstruum. It is especially applicable to the concentration and crystallization of the thermal sensitive materials and the reclaim of the separated menstruum. After improvement, it can also be used for the extraction of reclaimed materials. So the rotary evaporator is an ideal instrument for the research and production in various fields, such as science and education, biology, pharmacy, chemical and food industry etc.

Features of Rotary EvaporatorHigh evaporation rate and reclaim rate, advanced frequency conversion and electronic speed adjusting ensure its electrical performance.
The alternating current inductance motor with a steplessly adjusted speed has a longer service life

without electronic brush and sparkle.
The equipment is series-designed with various modules, resulting in high expansibility and
easy installation, repair and maintenance.
Elaborately designed seal system has a high corrosion resistance with a vacuum degree of lower than
All glass instruments are made of GG-17 high temperature resistant borosilicate glass with excellent
physical and chemical performance.
All parts are anti-corrosive including the stainless steel base, water bath, hull, main rod and aluminum
alloy cast etc.
All key seal parts, frequency transducer and electronic parts are imported from abroad.
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